Kitchen & Dining

We have a kitchen to serve fresh food to our in house guests. We have a dining space big enough to accommodate around 50 guests at one time. We have buffet breakfasts, lunch and dinner on a fixed menu. The menu is provided to all the guests through e-mail in the course of making a booking with us.

However, if they wish to eat something not covered in the fixed menu, they can do so by informing us in advance and by paying us extra for the things ordered. You can surely order Prawns and crabs.

Please note the resort is located in a remote area and even simplest of things may not be easily available at times despite our best efforts. These include milk products like Yogurt, Paneer, Butter and Cheese.

Normal Fixed Menu

Sl no.Menu for DinnerMenu for BreakfastMenu for Lunch

Poha/Bread & Butter

Aloo-Matar/Aloo bhaji



Boiled eggs/scrambled eggs

3Plain Dal/Dal FryDal Fry/Tadka/Plain Dal
4Chicken Curry/Fish CurryFish Curry/Chicken Curry
5One vegetable CurryOne vegetable curry
6One vegetable curry/semi-curryOne vegetable fry/curry/semi-curry
7One vegetable FryAloo-Karela Chips
9Own made dessertOwn made Dessert

Please Note :-

We cannot serve you lamb meat even on advance order.

Please check with the resort in advance if you plan to order something special. Please also ask about the rates you may be charged so as to avoid all miscommunication of any sort.