Our Resort



Boating : -

Whole Bhitarkanika area is crisscrossed with river channels and River Brahmani meets Bay of Bengal here. This gives ample opportunity for boating. One can enjoy boating in Brahmani River and visit Dhamara by boat. One can see how river lead to sea here.

Safari in the mangrove forest is also done on boat only. One can see different kinds of birds and large crocodiles during boat safari.

Village Walk : -

There are more than fifty villages within Bhitarkanika area. One can walk in the nearby villages to gain an experience of what village life is in Odisha. One can see how common people live their lives in remote rural areas of Odisha. You can watch sunrise or sunset standing at the village jetty. Enjoy some local village food in small shops.

Beach Visits : -

There are two beaches one can visit from the resort. One is called Pentha Beach and other is called Udabali. Pentha Beach is some 30 odd kilometer from the resort. One can hire a vehicle to reach the beach.

Udabali can be accessed by boat from the resort. One can reach the beach by a nearly 1.5 hour boat ride. You will find yourself being only guests on this beach.

Bonfire : -

Enjoy a bonfire in the evening (weather permitting) at the resort. It is neither too cold nor hot. It is perfect to enjoy a few hours gossiping and eating.