Special Activities & Courses in

Estuarine Village Resort

There are a number of interesting activities one can do in ESTUARINE VILLAGE RESORT tour or on the way to Bhitarkanika.

Cycling to the beach

Activity: – Cycling trip to Pentha Beach

What & How: – Through village paths and rice fields, this tour leads us all the way to Pentha beach. Going by bicycle means plenty of opportunities to interact with locals and time to stop and take pictures of the stunning scenery.

After cycling for about 30 km, there is no better relief than enjoying a quiet breakfast on the beach! We return to resort by pick-up truck or by cycling.

When: every day in the morning. Booking 7 days in advance


(i) Rs. 1500 per person, minimum 2 persons, with pick-up truck to Estuarine Village Resort. Every person in excess of 2 persons would need to pay
Rs. 900/person. Maximum 6 allowed in one group.

(ii) Rs. 1000 per person, minimum 2 persons cycling back to Estuarine Village Resort. Every person in excess of 2 persons would need to pay
Rs. 600/person. Maximum 12 allowed in one group.


  • English speaking guide
  • Breakfast
  • pick-up back to the Resort
  • lunch not included

What to bring:

  • Sunscreen
  • Water tumbler
  • Energy Drinks

Bicycle-trip to Talchua

What: – Away from the busy traffic and the pollution of the city you discover authentic traditional Odisha rural life. Cycling along the river, you enjoy the local rural scenery. In the villages you pass through, daily life goes on. Your guide will explain you all about it. A chance to get to know things beyond the tourist attractions! Bicycle-trip to Talchua, an Odisha village close to where Brahmani River meets Bay of Bengal.

When? :- Start at 7am

Duration :- 4-5 hours

Price :-

  • Rs. 800 per person( min 2 persons )
  • Rs. 500 per person ( more than 2 persons )

Including :-

  • Bicycle ( which you can use until 5 pm )
  • The services of an English speaking guide )
  • A drink and cookies

This tour can also be done by an 8-seater vehicle

Price :-

  • Rs. 1000.000 per person (min 2 persons)
  • Rs. 700 per person (3 persons or more)

Sunrise Walk

What & How:

We take a 1-hour drive by a vehicle to reach a beach by Bay of Bengal. Once we reach the beach, we start hiking along the flat beach towards plantations of Forest Department. You can see the sun rising. Wherever you feel good enough, just go for a swim in the sea. Sun rising and the swim in the sea makes it a fantastic setting. Here we enjoy a light snacks in the form of bread and butter or bread and jam with some fruits and tea and coffee with cookies. Return after a fun-filled morning by the same vehicle.

Duration :- Around 3-4 hours.

When: Everyday from 5.30am to 8.30am

Price: Rs. 1500/ person (min 2 persons). Every person in excess of this will be charges Rs. 800. Maximum persons: 6 persons

Inclusive :- Morning snacks, Transport, Tea/coffee, English speaking guide.

Exclusive :- Drinks and personal snacks

Cooking courses

With our cook you discover the special spices and herbs of Odisha, you learn about vegetables, fruits and side dishes used here. And most important, the cook will share the secrets of creating a delicious Odisha meal with you.

When :- Every afternoon (preferably 3pm-5pm). Maximum 8 persons in one group.

Reservation minimum one day in advance

Duration: Minimum three days

Price :-

  • Rs. 1000 per person (when one person)
  • Rs. 800 per person (when 2-3 persons)
  • Rs. 600 per person (when4-8 persons)


  • Ingredients
  • English speaking cook/teacher
  • Meal
  • Recipe

Yoga class

What:- Yoga class by trained teachers. Diets under guidance of yoga teachers. Emphasis on improving body postures, rejuvenating and relaxation of body, reducing stress and tension and inculcating Yoga as a lifestyle activity

No. of Persons – Minimum 6 persons & maximum 10 persons in one group

Duration :- Minimum one week. One hour yoga in morning and one hour in the evening. Everyday Yoga classes may be followed by meditation

Please Note :- Yoga Class need to be reserved well in advance

Price :- Rs. 1000/person/day

Making Fish Nets

Instead of just looking at locals catching fishes using nets, you can actually learn how to make those and catch fish using those. In two days you can learn the basics of fish catching nets.

When :- Every morning from 7am to 9am and every afternoon from 3.30pm to around 5.30pm

Duration :- Minimum two days

No. of Persons: Minimum 1 & maximum 6 in a group

Price :- Rs. 1000 per person


  • Materials used and your final result
  • English speaking instructor

Odia/Hindi language course

With our small course we offer a different way to learn a bit of Odia/Hindi language. It might be a help to get to understand some more about the culture, or it might even be the introduction to a real study of the language.

The course starts at 9 o’clock and the first two hours will be spent on learning some basic conversations – how to take a bus, how to say hello, how to talk and behave in the market etc

The language of Odisha, called Odia, is undoubtedly linked to the culture, and the traditions. This will be an important part of the course. At around 12 o’clock your teacher will give you a recess. You can practice a bit on your own, have lunch and some rest. Late in the afternoon (around 5pm), you teacher will accompany you to the local village market where you will get the chance to practice the vocabulary you just learned, earlier in the day.

Using language is the best way to memorize …May be your fun filled days at the resort will become a memory forever!! You will return with some knowledge of a local Indian language or Hindi.

When :- Every day, from 9 am to 12 am. Minimum two days

No. of Persons: Minimum 1 & maximum 6 in a group

Price : Rs. 600 / person


  • English speaking teacher
  • Hand outs with the basics of Odia/Hindi language