A Journey into Bhitarkanika National Park in Odisha

A Journey into Bhitarkanika National Park in Odisha

A Journey into Bhitarkanika National Park in Odisha

Odisha is one of India’s most magnificent states, filled with ancient relics, historic shrines, uncharted expanses of wilderness, and, of course, the mesmerizing sea, sand, and sun. These attractive elements come together to make this place a traveler’s paradise. Here we present an overview of the Bhitarkanika Mangrove Forest, one of the least explored regions, which includes Bhitarkanika National Park, Bhitarkanika Wildlife Sanctuary and Gahirmatha Marine Reserve. If you decide to visit this amazing destination, be prepared to be amazed at every corner of nature.

National park in Odisha

National park in Odisha

An itinerary to explore the soul of Bhitarkanika

A Journey into Bhitarkanika National Park in Odisha
A Journey into Bhitarkanika National Park in Odisha

Trekking within Bhitarkanika National Park

Begin your Odisha sojourn in Bhubaneswar with a visit to the ancient temple complex of Lingaraja, dedicated to Lord Shiva. The history of the temple dates back to some 11th century, but many believe that its existence dates back to 7th century.

The elaborate temple structures offer a glimpse into the ancient architectural style of Odisha. After visiting this temple, you can drive directly to Bhitarkanika Wildlife Sanctuary in Kendrapara district of Odisha, about 150 km from Bhubaneswar.

Also known as the ‘Amazon of India’, Bhitarkanika covers an area of ​​672 square kilometers and is home to endemic species of plants, animals, birds, amphibians and reptiles. It represents the second largest mangrove ecosystem in India and the two major river systems in the region is that of River Brahmani, and River Baitarani. River Dhamra and River Pathara are two major distributaries of these river systems in the area.

A Journey into Bhitarkanika National Park in Odisha

Salt water crocodile as seen in Bhitarkanika

There is so much to see if you start your journey off the beaten path. Wildlife includes large saltwater crocodiles, spotted deer, sambar, rhesus macaques, monitor lizards, fishing cats, wild boars, and king cobras.

Here you can observe over 200 species of birds. There are nearly eight types of kingfishers alone. You will also get a pleasant opportunity to observe various migratory birds that come from Europe and Central Asia to seek solace in the wilds of Bhitarkanika during the monsoon season.

The must-visit sites

A Journey into Bhitarkanika National Park in Odisha
  • The Captive Breeding and Research Centre for saltwater crocodiles in Dangamal Island. It is home to Gori, the only female captive Albino crocodile in India.
  • Nesting of the Olive Ridley Turtles at Gahirmatha Marine Sanctuary.
  • Watching the endangered white-bellied sea eagle (Haliaeetus leucogaster) in the rookery at Gahirmatha Beach.
  • Observing different breeds of kingfishers and other bird varieties like grey heron, parakeets, darters, and Brahmani Kites.
  • A nature walk in Bhitarkanika forest. Avoid the really rush period from the second week of December to January end.
A Journey into Bhitarkanika National Park in Odisha

Boats at Bhitarkanika entrance gate at

Top things to do

A Journey into Bhitarkanika National Park in Odisha
  • Enjoy the enthralling boat ride in the creeks.
  • Trek down the mysterious forest trail and observe the unearthly beauty of the forest.
  • Watch the magnificent sunset at the secluded beach of Habalikahti.

A visit to this unfamiliar getaway would give you a satisfying dose of adventure, beauty, mystery blend together. So, plan as escapade amid the wilds of Bhitarkanika National Park in Odisha and make an unforgettable memory yet again.


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