A Look into Bhitarkanika – The Largest National Park of Eastern India

Situated in the Kendrapara district in eastern India, Bhitarkanika National Park Odisha is the largest national park of east India. This national park was designated with the status on the 16th of September in the year 1998, that makes it 21 years old. Four years after its designation the national park enlisted its name as one of the Ramsar sites on the 19th of August 2002. This national park is stretched over 145-kilometer square area. It is surrounded by its wildlife sanctuary spread over 672-kilo meter square. On the east, it is surrounded by the Gahirmatha Beach and the Marine sanctuary and on the other side lays the Bay of Bengal.

National park in Odisha

National park in Odisha



Crocodiles are the best attraction of this sanctuary. Saltwater crocodiles, from babies to adult reside all over this sanctuary. The adults are about 23 feet or more in length. Besides, some other species of reptiles like the Water Monitor Lizard and the King Cobra can also be seen here. It is home to innumerable bird species, including eight different types of Kingfishers.


Home to the Second Largest Mangrove Forest of India

With the rivers Bay of Bengal, Brahmani and Baitarani all around this wilderness happen to be the ideal place for the mangroves to grow. Mangroves thrive better on the saltwater. Alongside the mangrove forest, the water bodies provide shelter to over 215 species of birds such as the winter migrants who flew from central Asia and Europe.


Flora and Fauna

Besides mangroves, a particular type of grasses like the Casuarinas and indigo bush can also be found here. As long as the fauna is concerned, Indian python, Black ibis, Wild Boar, the rhesus monkey, chital, cobra and olive ridley turtles are some specialities to be found only here. Besides, 320 species of avian fauna and birds like Asian Open Bill, Cormorants, Egrets can be seen in National Park Odisha.

Not many people are aware of this National Park and Sanctuary. Well, now that you are well aware of it, make sure to pay a visit next time you go to Odisha.