Bhitarkanika: The Best offbeat Destination Near Kolkata

Bhitarkanika: The Best offbeat Destination Near Kolkata

Bhitarkanika: The Best offbeat Destination Near Kolkata

Bhitarkanika: The Best offbeat Destination Near Kolkata

Salt Water Crocodile at creek in Bhitarkanika National Park

Bhitarkanika National Park, located in the northeastern part of Odisha, is indeed an offbeat and unique destination near Kolkata. It is known for its lush mangrove forests, rich biodiversity, and large population of saltwater crocodiles. Here are some highlights and tips for visiting Bhitarkanika:

Bhitarkanika National Park Highlights:

(The Best offbeat Destination Near Kolkata)
  • Mangrove Ecosystem: It boasts of one of the largest mangrove ecosystems in India. This mangrove ecosystem provides a unique habitat for various species.
  • Wildlife: The park is home to a significant population of saltwater crocodiles, deer, wild boars, and various species of birds.
  • Bird Watching: Bhitarkanika is a paradise for bird watchers. There are both native and migratory birds. Birds migrate here during monsoon season. The migratory birds – mostly different kinds of storks and cranes – visit Bhitarkanika around July and again migrate out of here around mid November.
  • Trekking and Boating: Visitors can explore the river creeks of the park by boats only. There are some trekking routes in the Park which tourists can explore walking. Chances are you may across wild pigs, deer varieties and a lot of birds during these treks.


(The Best offbeat Destination Near Kolkata)
  • Proximity to Kolkata: Bhitarkanika is roughly around 370 kilometers from Kolkata, making it accessible by road and rail.
  • Nearest Railway Station: Bhadrak is the nearest railway station for visiting Bhitarkanika. Guests can also use Cuttack Railway station for visiting Bhitarkanika, Cuttack is just around three hours drive from Bhitarkanika.
  • By Road: From Kolkata, you can drive to Bhitarkanika via Bhadrak, Chandbali, Pattamundai, Rajnagar and Khola Forest Check point. The journey is scenic and takes you through rural landscapes and small towns.
Bhitarkanika: The Best offbeat Destination Near Kolkata

Spotted deer as seen in Bhitarkanika

Attractions in Bhitarkanika:

(The Best offbeat Destination Near Kolkata)
  • Crocodile Sanctuary: Bhitarkanika is famous for its reptile population, especially the endangered saltwater crocodiles.
  • Bird Sanctuary: The park hosts numerous resident and migratory bird species.
  • Gahirmatha Beach: This beach is a vital nesting ground for Olive Ridley turtles. You can stay at Habalikhati Island, a part of Gahirmatha Beach strip. You can reach Habalikhati Island by boat only. This make take up to three hours.
  • Historical Temples and Sites: The region around Bhitarkanika is dotted with ancient temples and cultural landmarks.

Best Time to Visit:

(The Best offbeat Destination Near Kolkata)
  • Winter Season: The best time to visit Bhitarkanika is between October and March when the weather is pleasant and ideal for wildlife spotting and outdoor activities. But if you want to visit especially for birds, you should visit between August and October.


(The Best offbeat Destination Near Kolkata)
  • Hotels & Resorts: Several hotels and resorts have come up in and around Bhitarkanika. You must keep in mind that luxusurious high end resorts have not yet started coming to Bhitarkanika. But some mid-range comfortable resorts and hotels have opened in the last 3-4 years. However, of all the accommodations existing for now, Estuarine Village Resort is the best to stay in Bhitarkanika.

You can also book Forest Guest House. There are hotels on the other side of the river in Chandbali.

  • Homestays: Some homestays have also started coming up in the various village situated around Bhitarkanika.

Bhitarkanika offers a serene and enriching experience for nature lovers, wildlife enthusiasts, and those looking to explore offbeat destinations near Kolkata.


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