Try Local Ecotourism for Your Next Vacation at Bhitarkanika National Park

For most people, escaping the busy, tiresome schedules of the city is the main aim of taking a vacation. The tourism industry has seen a change in trends in the last decade. You are more likely to avoid big cities when you want a vacation to unwind. Nestling in the lap of nature, soaking in all the beautiful things it has to offer, will bring you solace like no other. It is no wonder that ecotourism has become a top choice among people. If you are on the lookout for your next destination, this national park in Odisha is a must-visit.

National park in Odisha

National park in Odisha


What makes Bhitarkanika special?

Bhitarkanika is situated in the North-Eastern part of Kendrapara district in Odisha. It is one of the many hidden gems in the state, which hasn’t been altered by rampant human exploitation.

·         It is the second-largest viable mangrove ecosystem in India and showcases a diverse flora and fauna.

·         This is a paradise for nature lovers, bird watchers as well as environmentalists.

·         The Garhimatha Coast of Bhitarkanika is known to house one of the most extensive nesting and breeding congregations of Olive Ridley Turtles.

·         The ecosystem is also home to the giant saltwater, estuarine crocodile population in the Indian subcontinent.

·         You can spot more than 215 species of birds, comprising winter migrants from Europe and Asia. There are also a lot of exotic animal species that inhabit the area.

·         The area has five nearby villages, exploring which will give you the idea of real rural life.


How to plan your vacation?

Since this national park in Odisha is in a very pristine condition, planning your vacation well is essential. You can book your package at Estuarine Village Resort to enjoy an authentic experience of rural life along with the beautiful sanctuary. They will arrange everything you need to enjoy your vacation and provide you with all the details. It might be challenging to get a spot during the peak season, so make sure you book in advance.